Thursday, June 26, 2008

Re-Gain Confidence

A story about my mother.... (please feel free to share with anyone)

She is 58 years old, it's a scary age for all women to face the reality that 60 is arriving. Since last few years, she started to become very sensitive especially with my father, she is afraid of losing my father to some other woman. Although of course we all know that it's just her 'creative imagination' that has been haunting her mind. We realize that she is losing confident of herself, but nothing we could do to make her feel better, her self-confidence level is seriously sinking. Sometimes we'd try to avoid the sensitive topics, but sometimes I feel that she needs someone to talk to, so I would intentionally ask her how my father is doing, I know that will make her cries, but maybe is good to let her release the tension once in a while.

My mother had migraine headaches. She could never go out under the hot sun, otherwise she will suffer for the next few days. After taking the mangosteen juice, she is now free of headaches. Of course all of us are very happy, but more unexpected have happened….

She had constipation problem, that's is gone too. She is able to enjoy going to the toilet and she told me that she feels her body is lighter now. My parents have been doing hiking every morning for many years, my mother normally will be slowly catching up from far behind, but now she is walking in the front, other old folks who hike together are very surprised with my mother's progress. They asked my mother: "what is your secret?"

My mother's sister-in-law who is only 48 years old came to visit us 2 weeks ago (from KL), she asked the same thing, what is my mother's secret? My aunt looks so much older than my mother, but my mother is 10 years older than her.

And there is more… my mother said she feels that her skin is firmer and smoother, especially the face. She said my skin looks firmer and smoother too (Aikk!…now she is trying to raise my own level of confidence...hehe..) She borrows my 'body slim underware' and this is what she said "since I'm already getting prettier, must as well I make it perfect, let me be 'very' pretty!" She said that with full of confidence, I was so amazed with the inner and outer changes of my mother.

Not only that she is healthier, she has gained back her self-confidence too, this is really something that we never expect to get from the results of drinking the mangosteen juice. I asked her again how is my father doing, she said "who cares!" and laughed with slight embarrassment, I think she realized that she had been acting over-sensitive. I can only say that my whole family is blessed. I'm grateful.

May you and your family are happy and healthy!

Order the juice today at or send me email to send the juice as a gift of appreciation to your parents now. Let them know that you care for them and you want them to be healthy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don't Wait To Regret

There are things that can't wait - to repay our parents and to treat our parents with filial piety. In Chinese, we say:


It means "The tree wants to stay still but the wind is blowing, the children want to repay but the parents aren't there anymore". More about filial piety at and WiseGeek.

The logic is simple but yet very few people understand how critical it is to do good for the parents now instead of keep delaying it. Most of us think that there is still time.

Day by day, we are busy with our work, with our children, with our excuses. If you would pause and look at your parents, you will find that our parents are getting old, wrinkles on their face and hands, gray hairs….. and if you do care, you will be saddened to realize that their health condition is degrading. More about caring for our parents at Old Parents Care.

I don’t believe any parents would want your money or want you to buy them anything, they just want to be able to feel that you still care for them. Probably a visit or a phone call by you would win over anything else, that’s is all our parents want – to know that their kids are doing well.

My father, a very typical Chinese man, never good at telling me about how much he loves me, but every single thing he does and every single move he makes, I can truly feel the greatest love in the world from him. The feeling is so great that touch me so deeply, yet he never says a word. When I was little girl, he would buy me supper after a busy work day, woke me up in the middle of the night, sat behind me quietly, struggling with his tiredness but still watched me finished the supper…..

For my father, I’m always a small girl to him. Recently I bought the XanGo mangosteen juice for my parents, looks like they are very happy drinking the juice as my father’s doctor is the one recommending the juice. I’m the happiest daughter to see my own parents value their health so much and taking good care of themselves. One day, my mother told me that my father wants to withdraw his savings in the bank to give it to me. The objective is obvious, they are worried that the mangosteen juice is a financial burden to me which is totally not the case. I work for a multi-national company, earn a good pay, live a very comfortable life, a few bottles of mangosteen juice per month is really not a big deal. Even if it is, I would work harder to make sure I can afford to pay for them. It’s priceless to see them stay healthy, which is why I’m so motivated in sharing the juice with everyone else.

I have a friend whose parents have passed away. She keeps reminding me: “Don’t wait. There are things that can’t wait especially our parents. Be nice to them when they are still around. Otherwise you will regret, don’t let that to happen.”

Pick up your car key to drive home now or pick up your phone to call your parents now. Let them know that you are thinking of them. It’s time to stop waiting and start putting in actions to care for your parents now.

May all parents are happy and healthy.


We have received numerous testimonials about the health improvements after taking the XanGo mangosteen juice, what else can make us happier than seeing our parents staying health? Imagine if these folks who wrote the testimonials below are our parents, how would you feel?

Order the juice today at or send me email to send the juice as a gift of appreciation to your parents now. Let them know that you care for them and you want them to be healthy.

-- Megan
My mother, who was in her mid 70's at the time, was hospitalized with what we originally thought was a stroke. She awoke in the middle of the night, unable to do anything, including communicate. She was diagnosed as being septic - having an infection in her bloodstream, hospitalized for a month, was on a ventilator for over a week, and ended up in a rehab facility, learning to walk and use her extremities again. Originally, they had given her a 5% chance of recovery and she proved everyone wrong. However, since that time, she has had diarrhea that nothing could control. Knowing that the Mangosteen fruit was originally used in southeast Asia for dysentery, I begged until she finally consented to give it a try. We were all skeptic, but delighted when the diarrhea stopped - after three years! - and her bowel habits became normal. She also has difficulty in healing, although she is not diabetic, and had several places on her lower legs where the car door had blown shut, the rake had hit her, etc., as she refuses to slow down. These open wounds would not heal, even after several regimes of antibiotics and the surgeon referred her to a plastic surgeon who was recomending skin grafts, due to one of them being just over her Achilles tendon. Once again, we begged and she finally relented to allowing us to apply the mangosteen juice topically. Within a week, they showed evidence of beginning to scab over, although they had not done so for over three months! I know this sounds a bit surrealistic and, had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would have been a huge skeptic, myself. She is now drinking three ounces in the AM and PM.

3/10/2007 -- Judi from Australia
I was diagnosed with parkinsons Disease February 2006. After being placed on several medications I experienced terrible side effects including hallucinations, fitting, vomitting and felt this was the beginning of the end. A good friend of mine gave me some mangosteen juice to try. This was June last year. I now have no tremors at all and under the guidance of my doctor I am not on any medications now and feeling wonderful. I have run out of juice and all the symptoms come back so I know it is not a cure but I also know I will never be without my mangosteeen juice. I take 40 mls 3 times a day.

9/15/2006 -- Judi from Australia

I have been diagnosed with parkinson's Disease and after 10 weeks into drinking Mangosteen Juice, I have no tremmors at all and I have given away my anti-parkinson's tablets. I have so much more energy and less back and joint pain. I am looking forward to the future now and will continue to take at least 3ozs daily or more.

1/5/2006 -- Bev from British Columbia

My hubby has Psoriasis. It is an awful skin disease which never goes away and is very hard to control. After all the skin creams and ointments prescribed to him by his doctor we were introduced to the mangosteen juice. I talked to my neurologist about it because I have parkinsons Disease and I wanted to be sure it was safe with all my medications. I handed him a brochure and he said, “I know what it is and I think it's the best thing since sliced bread.” I take 3 oz. 3 timed a day. I went off the product for one day and one night and I was back to pre juice days; lack of energy, lack of rest, lack of myself esteem but I went back on my juice, and here I am. Positive, feeling well and energized once again. Now back to my hubby and his Psoriasis. We did a topical trial on one elbow. Wrapped it in Saran wrap for the night and in the morning there were no scales to be seen. His other elbow now receives equal treatment at night and they are both healing for the first time ever. We told our doctor about it and he was just simply blown away.

3/31/2007 -- Margarita from Virginia

In 1979 I had a Kidney transplant and in 2003 I had a Pacemaker inserted. Last year in August 2006 I developed diabetes II. My cholesterol was 400, my tryglycerides were high too and I was leaking protein in the urine. I started to look for an alternative for all my problems and I found the Mangosteen juice, I am drinking 30 cc after breakfast and after dinner every day and at the end of December 2006 my cholesterol was less than 200, my tryglycerides were normal, no more leaking of proteins in my urine and my blood sugar has been normal up to this morning March 31, 2007. Thank you God for the Mangosteen Juice.

2/23/2006 -- Yolanda from Texas

I heard about the Mangosteen Juice from my aunt so I decided to order it for me and my Mom. My mother has diabetes and has had problems with the circulation in her feet for years. We have been on the Mangosteen juice for 6 days now and I am still amazed at how much better I feel, more energetic and best of all...I am not hungry. It curbs my appetite so well that I am not snacking anymore! I have lost 4lbs without even trying! My mom has lost 8lbs and she says she feels so much better and now her readings are looking really great. We love the Mangosteen juice and it has become a part of our everyday routine.


I have type-2 diabetes & a circulation problem. When I started on mangosteen juice my feet had sores & blisters with infection all around my toenails with gangrene all over the bottom of my feet & toes. The Doctor said I was going to lose both of my feet in the near future. I took mangosteen juice & soaked my feet in it for six weeks. Now I rub mangosteen juice paste on my feet. They look normal now. After being on juice a while some days I need no medication. Some times when my sugar is high, it has lowered as much as 100 points after a dose of mangosteen juice.

1/7/2007 -- Carla from Arizona

I suffered a stroke in 1980. I've had high blood pressure since I was a teen. I've been on Synthroid and Armour Thyroid for my thyroid/goiter condition since I was 18. I am diabetic on oral and injection meds. I have heriditary high cholesterol - sometimes measuring total cholesterol of 400 and triglycerides of 900. But I stopped taking prescription meds for this because they were negatively affecting my liver enzymes. Finally, and most affecting my day-to-day life for the past 40 years, I suffer from clinical depression. It runs in the family. Because of my stroke, I am unable to take any anti-depressants. I just have to fight my way through the bouts. I started taking mangosteen juice just 3 months ago. Every health issue stated above has been positively impacted: blood pressure is perfect; blood glucose levels down 150 points. I'm beginning to lower my insulin intake. I'm not taking any meds for my thyroid. Cholesterol and triglycerides are 20 points lower and my C-Reactive Protein is at .1. Also, my depression is gone! I am happy, active, and focused every day.

12/26/2006 -- Rhonda from Colorado

I tried the juice only because my husband was not doing well. He had high blood pressure, lower back pain and upper back pain. He's been on medications for at least 22 years. Now his blood pressure is doing well and so is his neck and back pain. We have been on the mangosteen juice for about six months and we will keep drinking mangosteen juice for years to come. Thank you mangosteen.

7/22/2006 -- Elaine from US

For the past 15 years I have been taking a prescription medication to control my high blood pressure which even with the medication was never under control. A co-worker told me about Mangosteen Juice. I have been taking it a little over two weeks and for the first time in years my blood pressure is in the normal range. I can't wait until my next doctors appointment. I am so excited!

7/10/2006 -- Kevin from Washington

I was fighting border-line high blood pressure (hypertension) and after being on mangosteen juice for about a month I noticed that my blood pressure numbers were going down. In addition, I was taking up to 4 naproxin (Aleves) per day for arthritis pain in my left shoulder. I am extremely pleased to report that I'm completely off of any pain medication for my shoulder and my blood pressure is down on average 12 to 13 points! I was skeptical at first but after several of my close personal friends got the same result for high blood pressure and joint pain from arthritis - I'm sold.

4/18/2006 -- Merrill from California

I started taking mangosteen juice approximately 6 months ago. I have had a number of chronic conditions over the last ten or so years that included, Acid Reflux along with a heart murmur, Indigestion problems, high blood pressure, High Cholesterol, colitis. Years ago I had a work related accident that Injured my neck and lower back. Over the years I have had MRI"s, a Cat scan and numerous test to check for Arthritis or bone spurs that were giving me a lot of pain in my neck. The only relief I seem to be getting is when I visited my Chiropractor for an adjustment. There was a lot of inflammation that was giving me dizzy spells and headaches along with fallings of nausea. By taking Mangosteen and I have tried a few different brands and I can say that all Mangosteen Juices are not created equal. The thing I noticed within the first few days was, more energy and mental clarity. After that within one week time my acid reflux and heart murmur was gone...With just that alone my sleeping patterns were back to normal and I had a sense of well being. I keep a regular check on my blood pressure and it has lowered to a normal rate. Maintaining my Cholesterol has gone from 248 to 205 and I'm still pushing it down. The Inflammation is all but gone and as far as my Colitis I have been able to cut my meds in half with out any flare ups. I have been able to stop taking 5 out of 6 of my meds. I'm excited... Ill never be with out Mangosteen. I can't say enough. Thank you for such a Quality product.

10/5/2005 -- Lee from Arkansas

I am a 58 yr old male who has had many health challenges over the past 12 years. Heart surgery, Diabetic with high blood pressure. I very reluctantly tried a bottle of the Mangosteen Juice and within 3 days I noticed I was not tired anymore, my energy level was so improved. My blood pressure is running great and I will soon be off my Diabetic my sugar levels are running as they should and even lower at times. I am sleeping good and getting up ready to go for the day. I have 4 grand kids I gotta keep up with. I almost missed out on this wonderful product by pre-judging it....You need to try it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nothing To Lose

1. When you are diagnosed with cancer, will you grab all chances that you have or will you give up your life?

There are many alternatives besides western medication and treatment, XanGo mangosteen juice is one of them. There are many testimonials from XanGo consumers about recovery from cancer (see article “Ignorance Will Kill You” in this blog under May columns), but of course not everyone who drank XanGo mangosteen juice has recovered from cancer. Even chemotherapy could NOT guarantee a cure for cancer, there is nothing to qualify itself to have a guaranteed cure for cancer.

But there is HOPE. When there is hope, there is a chance to continue one’s life. With XanGo’s 100% money-back guarantee, there is really NOTHING TO LOSE!

2. If you got lucky and recovered from cancer, your concerns for cancer reoccuring must be your worst fear. When there is study showing that xanthones found in the mangosteen is capable of fighting cancerous cells, would you grab that hope?

The human immune system is the basic of our health. As we boost up our body immune system, we protect and prevent ourselves from illnesses.

3. Order the juice today at or send me email to grab your hope now.

Again, it’s really nothing to lose.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ignorance Will Kill You

I have a friend, Jackie. Her father in law went for a medical checkup last year, the blood test result indicated that he might be at risk for prostate cancer. The doctor conducted cut section (of organic tissues) for microscopic examination, thankfully the result turned out to be normal.

Six months later, they went back to the doctor for another check up (per doctor’s advice), the blood test result was showing concerning readings. The doctor prescribed some medicine and asked him to go back in 3 weeks for another blood test. If no improvement seen, the doctor will have to conduct another cut section.

Jackie has been my best friend since school time. I told her about the good results that we have seen on some cancer patients after taking the mangosteen juice. (Xanthones which are found in the mangosteen juice have been tested to have the ability to kill the cancerous cells. For cancer patients, it’s recommended that they take the mangosteen juice to 21 days consecutively , 1 bottle per day, and drink 5 liters of water to flush out the dead cells.) She immediately bought 2 cases (8 bottles of the juice) from me and send them to her father in law’s house. But her parents in law were in doubts, they were afraid that large amount of consumption might cause side effects. The 8 bottles of juice were left untouched for more than 1 week.

Jackie didn’t give up, she kept persuading her parents in law to give it a try. Her father in law finally agreed to start little. He took 30ml twice per day. After a few days, he said he felt healthier and he was more convinced. Then he started to drink 200ml twice per day (almost half bottle per day).

After taking the juice for 1 week plus, he went back for another blood test. The doctor was very happy with the blood test result, cut section was no longer needed. The doctor reduced the medication and asked Jackie’s father in law to go back again in 8 months’ time for check up.

Everyone is happy. Jackie’s father in law is the happiest. They had their delayed mother’s day dinner to celebrate the good news.

During the dinner, Jackie’s father in law told Jackie that he will stop taking the juice since he has recovered. Jackie was shocked, she was hoping that her father in law would continue taking the juice to maintain good health. Jackie is very upset. She is disappointed that her parents in law are not taking the health problem seriously. The chances of reoccur is very high. She is hoping that her father in law will continue taking the juice for prevention. She is so worried that bad cells will come back.

She never gives up, she is still trying to convince her father in law the benefits of continuing taking the mangosteen juice. She doesn’t get much support from the mother in law nor the sister in law, it is frustrating…..but her concerns for the father in law’s health is greater, thus she keeps trying.

I’m really bothered. If it’s about money, Jackie is paying for all of the juice, what he needs to do is just drink it. He is running away from the reality, he wants to believe that he has fully recovered. He starts to take unhealthy food again and care less about healthy life style. He doesn’t understand that prevention is better than cure.

It’s sad to see someone who doesn’t value his own health…….there is nothing much we can do except continue praying for him, hoping that he will always be healthy.

Xanthones in XanGo Mangosteen Juice
XanGo is made with the whole Mangosteen fruit that is rich with Xanthones. Xanthones have been researched by independent scientists & medical doctors. who have no affiliation with XanGo. Many of the abstracts of their papers can be found at See instructions for researching that site at Any testimonial you hear or read about is not to suggest that you might have the same reaction. We merely say, "Try XanGo and see what benefits you receive."

Xanthones have many properties including antioxidants, potent COX 2 inhibition to reduce inflammation and pain. When tested it was found to have more antioxidants than other nutritional supplement, or health beverage (Noni, Wolfberry Juice) etc. One well designed, in vitro study showed garcinone E., a xanthone more effective than 5 commonly used chemotherapy agents - (Vincristine, 5-FU., Cisplatinum, Methotrexate and Mitoxantrone for cancers of the stomach, liver and lung. (The only drug more effective was Tamoxifen) Remember this is a fruit juice not a drug. As a Cox 2 inhibitor mangosteen blocks production of Prostaglandin E2 impeding promotion and progression of cancer when DNA damage occurs. It also attacks tumor cells directly.

Here's an accepted theory on cancer development:

  • Step 1: Cancer develops by cellular DNA being damaged by free radicals from pollution, metabolic residues, and infection or disease and then mutation occurs.
  • Step 2: Next the damaged cell divides and begins to disobey the rules of normal cell replication. Cancer now exists.
  • Step 3: Tumor promoting agents like Prostaglandin E2 then stimulate the growth of the tumor leading to metastasis (cancer spreads throughout the body).

Where does the mangosteen phyceuticals intervene in cancer?
In addition to being antitumor agent when cancer ALREADY exists, Xanthones PREVENT & STOP cancerous change at every step! Xanthones provide protection from critical cell damage, by regulating gene expression, repairing free radical damage and blocking production of tumor promoting agents.

As exciting as it is to see the potential for cancer treatment, it's far more exciting to see the potential everyone to be able to potentially prevent the development of cancer in the 1st place or potentially prevent a recurrence when cancer is in remission !

Waiting until you get cancer or waiting for the cancer to return in order to learn how to deal with it, isn't the smartest thing to do. Unfortunately many of your friends who choose NOT to supplement may not be around to celebrate your good health.

Sharing of Experiences from Those Who Have Suffered from Cancer
*Testimonials listed below are for sharing purposes only. Personal experiences are not meant for treating or diagnosing illness.

Recovery from Pancreatic Cancer and the use of Mangosteen Juice -- Darla Patterson from Mesa
Here is my father’s story. He takes 3 oz of mangosteen juice - 3 times a day. In 2000 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As we finally began to recover from the shock our family pulled together as a team to support mom and help to find a possible cure for this terrible invader. We found a myriad of possible remedies, some that even did some good, but all in all the best we could hope for was to comfort dad’s pain. The diagnosis gave him six to twelve months to live and even the few minor improvements that came from time to time, we had all resigned ourselves to the fact that we were losing our father to cancer. Dad went from various chemotherapies to surgery to radiation with little or no results, when the doctor’s decided to begin some experimental drugs. In August of this year a good friend in the church told us about mangosteen juice, a health supplement that strengthens the immune system and has had phenomenal results in helping so many people recover from life threatening illnesses.

At this point dad was not eating and couldn’t do anything but sit in pain in his recliner and watch TV. He was just biding time. After seeing him that way we decided to try my friend’s suggestion & order a case of mangosteen juice, at least give it a try. We had nothing to lose 3 weeks after he began using the mangosteen mixture he was up with the family for Labor Day, camping the way he used to do. He was active, eating well and ready to indulge in a game of horseshoes with any challengers. No one could believe it, but we were all grateful to have him looking so well and actively enjoying his family again. The following week he was called into the doctor’s office to get the results of his Cat-scan when the doctor told him that there was no sign of a tumor! Furthermore his blood work was back to normal. He has stopped taking all but one of his medications and is just planning on using that one up. Mangosteen juice was the only thing different during this remarkable recovery and we are so very grateful to have been blessed with such a phenomenal product. We owe our father’s recovery to mangosteen juice!

Pancreatic cancer gone ! -- Marianne Kohrs July 16, 2005
Hi Everyone! As most of you know, my Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2005. He has undergone 2 surgeries and was told in June the tumor was on the portal vein and his body had created a new vascular system and additional surgery was not an option. He had gone through 6 weeks of chemo and radiation in April and May and had been looking forward to getting the tumor removed, so the news in June was disappointing to say the least.
The Surgeon told him, to go home and get stronger and when he began having symptoms again, they would address it and hopefully he would have a good year.

During all this time everyone "all of you" have been saying prayers and Dad has faithfully been drinking Xango juice (Mangosteen juice that has excellent results with cancer as well as many other inflammatory illnesses). This week Dad went back to get his blood work from his family Doctor and was told the tumor was "inactive" according to the tumor markers in his blood work. He said - You've had a miracle, Jack, keep doing everything you are doing! The test is called: CEA test and is a tumor marker. Dad's was 2 (Normal is 0 – 3) When Dad was first diagnosed with cancer, this marker was at 137, NOW IT'S NORMAL! THANK YOU GOD!!!! Thank all of you for all your prayers and please, .please keep it up. Dad isn't changing a thing he is doing. He believes the prayers, Xango and all our faith have given him this time. I believe I was told about XanGo as a means to help Dad and our whole family at this time in our lives. Thanks for all your prayers - Go XanGo!

Colon and Rectal Cancer – resolution of liver metastasis in 14 days -- Marty Gscheidmeier - Apple Valley, MN
My colon/rectal cancer was discovered Sept. 2002. After radiation & chemotherapy, I had surgery in Jan, 2003 in which a section of my colon was removed & given a colostomy. During surgery it was found that I had 5 lesions on my liver, where the cancer had metastasized. I was told that no further surgery could be done on the liver because of the number of lesions. I was further treated with 2 types of chemotherapy to stop the growth of the cancer. The doctor told me that I had 6 months to live if I did not take the chemo treatments and about 18 months to live if I used the chemo.

I proceeded with the chemotherapy and in August, 2003, I was introduced to Mangosteen Juice by a friend. I was told about the effectiveness of the xanthones in Mangosteen Juice to fight cancer cells and I decided to try this alternative.

I began taking one bottle per day of Mangosteen Juice along with a gallon of distilled water. I did this for twenty-one days. I was previously scheduled for a CAT scan about 14 days into the program. The scan showed that four of the five lesions in my liver were no longer discernable in the scan. My doctor was surprised and asked that I have a more detailed scan, using the MRI. I had this scan and the results confirmed that there was only one lesion left. At this point I had not told the doctor about the mangosteen juice, & still didn’t at that point. The doctor reminded me how I would have only about 1 in a million chance of recovering from liver cancer. He said, "Marty, you may be that one ! The doctor then suggested a PET scan. This resulted in confirming the same results as the CT and MRI. There appeared to be just the one remaining lesion, which by then had been reduced to less than one centimeter in size. Then I told the doctor about the mangosteen juice, & gave him some literature. I continued taking the Mangosteen Juice for the remainder of the 21 days & THEN I REPEATED the process for another 21 days.

I am still drinking Mangosteen Juice, however, have decreased the amount to 3 - 4 oz / day. I believe that the xanthones in Mangosteen Juice (along with the power of prayer) were responsible for the disappearance of the cancerous lesions in my liver. I have a contractor in my downline who has a personal friend that has fought cancer for five years now. Five years ago she had one of her breasts removed. Two years ago she found out the cancer was back in the other breast. She had a carcinogen level of 800 in her blood at that time. She has been under radiation therapy since that time. She has gone through the vigorous routine that includes hair loss, vomiting after therapy sessions, decreased immune system so she is sick all the time, not to mention all of the other perks that come along with the treatment. Her carcinogen level has fluctuated between 125-80 during this time frame. Never showing concrete signs of remission. 20 days ago the contractor introduced the mangosteen juice to her. She begin an increased dosage regime that included 3 oz/3X per day. During this 10-day period she saw her physician and she had only one radiation therapy. Her carcinogen level in her blood was 110. The next 10 days there were no radiation therapies, only mangosteen juice mentioned dosage regime. Yesterday after seeing her doctor her carcinogen level in her blood was 8. Her oncologist was EXTREMELY interested in the mangosteen juice, where he could get more info about it, and if he could speak to the person who introduced it to her. The contractor will be educating the physician about mangosteen next week. Does this scientifically prove anything? Of course not. Does this say that everyone will have these same results? Absolutely not. Did this change the life of this cancer survivor? Essentially that answer is, YES!!! To put it in her own words: “I have a new beginning in life”. – William H.

I have introduced Mangosteen Juice to others who have colon cancer and have been told by them that they are having similar results. There are many healing properties in xanthones. I will keep taking Mangosteen Juice and recommending it to all others.

Blood Cells / Nupagen Shots / Immune Deficiency / Food Allergies / Eczema -- Derrick J. Berg Jan 13, 2005
My Testimony has to do with my youngest son, Eathan, who is now 4 ½ years old. When Eathan was 8 months old he was diagnosed with failure to thrive. He had some blood tests done and the results showed that his liver enzymes were elevated, but before anymore tests could be done he was growing and gaining weight again. When he was about 10 months old he contracted the RSV virus and had to use a nebulizer with steroid breathing treatments for about four weeks. When he was 15 months old he had a low grade fever that spiked in the middle of the night and caused him to have a febrile seizure. He was taken to the emergency room where they gave him a breathing tube and performed many tests. The doctors discovered that his red blood cell count was extremely low and his white blood cells were virtually non-existent. They gave him three blood transfusions which stabilized his red cell counts had but his white cell count was still extremely low and falling. After a bone marrow tap they discovered he wasn't producing any neutrophil cells, or baby white blood cells. They gave him a Nupagen injection. After a week in the hospital, he was allowed to come home. Since his bone marrow still wasn't producing any white blood cells, Eathan had to be quarantined for several months. With a white cell count as low as his, he couldn't be exposed to people. His immune system was so devastated that he could pick up something off a grocery cart that would give you and me a sniffle, and could be a death sentence to him. His hematologist started him on a Nupagen regiment. Nupagen is the miracle drug that helps build up one's white blood cell count. We have had to give him Nupagen injections 1-3 times a week for the past two years. These injections run about $250.00 each. This would help stimulate production of the white blood cells but would barely maintain them at an acceptable level. The doctor had warned us that it may take up to three to four years for his body to recover if it did at all. During this time he had a high level of food allergies caused by mal-absorption. This led the doctors to believe he also might have celiac disease, due to his elevated gluten levels. Along with all of these other problems he also had a moderate case of eczema.

I was introduced to Mangosteen juice in mid October of 2003. I looked all over the internet for articles on the mangosteen. I couldn't find a reason not to give it to him. I ordered two cases and started giving him the mangosteen juice around the first of November, 2003. Eathan had been on the mangosteen juice for about 3 weeks when I gave him his last injection of Nupagen right around Thanksgiving time 2003. He has been on mangosteen juice for about twelve months and hasn't needed another injection for over eleven months. This mangosteen juice has been able to elevate and maintain my son's white blood cell count to an acceptable level. He has no more food allergies and his eczema is completely gone. In the beginning his doctor was totally baffled by this. Now he truly believes that the mangosteen juice is doing something. At his appointment last week he still didn't need a shot and his hematologist said, "Keep giving him that juice!"

Recurrent Bladder Cancer for 40 years -- Jim Ward - Cave Creek, Arizona
For approximately 40 years, I have had bladder cancer. I have gone in on a quarterly basis to be checked, and within a year there was always a recurrence needing removal through cystoscopy. In February 2004 I had the cancer removed. In March 2004, I underwent chemotherapy, which severely burned my bladder and urethra and I was in constant pain. The inflammation had increased so much by Sept 04, that my C-Reactive Protein (CRP) was up to 87 (Normal <>

Resolution of Recurrent Breast Cancer -- Ursula Terrazas
I have a friend that has been in my life since we were 14 years old. Her grandmother passed away to Breast Cancer, her Aunt had a double mastectomy and her mother has been battling Breast Cancer for the last few years. For these years, her mother has been going to a Homeopathic doctor in Mexico and trying various treatments, the most recent being a 'black salve' that she would drink as well as make a poultice out of and place on the tumor in her breast. She did no chemo or radiation as she only wanted to go the natural, holistic route. When she went to Mexico for her check up a couple of months ago, she was informed that things did not look well. The tumor had grown and her blood pressure was so high that she was in danger of having a stroke at any time. She told her MD that her daughters friend had been telling her about the successes others have had taking mangosteen juice, but that she hadn't wanted to try it until she had given the black salve an honest try. He told her that while he did not incorporate mangosteen juice in his practice he had done some research on it and had heard good things about it and that she most definitely should try it.

That was 2 months ago and since then she has been consuming from 6-12 oz/day of mangosteen juice. I received a phone call from her daughter yesterday and she had gone in for her 2 month check up and THE TUMOR IS COMPLETELY GONE!! She had a mammogram and an ultrasound and there are no signs of cancer in her body at this time!!! In addition to that, her blood pressure was normal and the pain she has had in her knees for many years is 80% better! Don't lose sight of the incredible gift that we have in our hands with this amazing product. It is just as beneficial for those of us who are blessed with good health and that don't have major health challenges. (14 months of drinking mangosteen juice and still not one migraine for me! Considering I have had them every 2-3 months since I was 18...

Metastatic Colon Cancer -- Richard Old July 26, 2004 8:29 AM
I want people to hear my story. It started in January of 2004. I went to the Doctor with a painful stomach. He misdiagnosed it and gave me some pills. That was a Friday. On Monday at work, I had new symptoms, air and other stuff coming out of my penis. A call to the Doctor came back with " Oh, that's not good" and an appointment with a second Doctor who saw me the next day. He also said "Oh, that's not good", (must have gone to the same school). But he did examine me and found colon cancer. He said it was bad. I took a lot of tests that day and the testers said it would take a week or so to hear from the Doc. He called the next day and scheduled me for surgery that Sunday with the surgeon voted the best colon-rectal surgeon in Kansas City. After surgery, the surgeon said he could not take it out now and would schedule me for radiation and chemotherapy to try to shrink the melon size tumor so he could try to take it out although he did say I would probably lose my bladder and prostate. That's two more Doctors. He also hooked me up with a specialist for the urinary tract surgery. Audi's Note: The cancer, above, had spread from the colon to the bladder, prostate, and spinal column. The doctors concluded that they dared not try to remove the tumor, and cause catastrophic damage (fatal damage), they would try to shrink it all first. The chemo and radiation came and went and the surgeon got sadder and sadder every time I saw him. He said he might not be able to take it out, as it was not shrinking. I checked this out on the Internet and found that I would have about a year to live. I was 54 and just met my life partner 4 years ago, (married 3 years ago) & I wasn't willing to let that go yet.!

A, (GOD sent), good friend told me of a juice that might help and I went to the surgeon and asked if I could hurt the radiation or chemo and he said I couldn't hurt them and I should try anything and everything that I could think of as they weren't shrinking the tumor. I drank a lot of [mangosteen juice] and 3 weeks later the Surgeon smiled and said, "it's shrinking". At that point I had known him for 4 months and this was the first time my wife (Virginia) and I saw him smile. Two weeks later he said it had appeared to separate from the bone, which meant he could at least remove it, even though that meant sacrificing the bladder and prostate (yes he was smiling again). That meant that I would be able to spend a lot more time with the love of my life. Now the surgery, (Virginia , said I would be just fine and I believed her), I slept through the whole thing but when I awoke and saw my wife grinning from ear to ear (and she has the prettiest smile) I knew it was good news-but I didn't understand how good until I talked to the surgeon. He was like a kid with a new present at Christmas, and said, "this was the worst case of colon-rectal cancer he has ever worked on and it turned out with the best results he had ever had". He also said that radiation and chemo can not shrink a tumor from melon size to that of a walnut and he also said he does not know how it pealed it self off of the bladder and prostate. The hole in the bladder was healed up and was in great shape and that did not make sense. He said once-in-a-practice you can only hope for. Needless to say he is now studying [mangosteen juice] for use in his practice.

Cancer Free – Malignant Melanoma -- Greg and Ann Adair Sat, 17 Jul 2004
In summer of 2002, Scott had been diagnosed with stage 4-melanoma cancer. It had spread to his Lymph nodes, which the doctors surgically removed, and seemed to be getting worse. The doctors told Scott they did not know if he would make it or not, and melanoma is the most aggressive cancer and can spread very rapidly. Last summer he underwent aggressive therapy. This therapy had made him very sick (it was actually killing him). He decided to go another route and choose interferon (self injected). He did that for several months but had a test in November 2003 and still had the cancer. In December Ann and I found out that [Mangosteen Juice] had been used by a Doctor in Phoenix on hundreds of patients to help relieve the effects of traditional medicine (chemo, interferon etc) with great success. Not only were the effects of the chemo and interferon relieved but also many patients were becoming cancer free.

We told Scott about this and he began drinking [Mangosteen Juice] in December reluctantly. Ann met with Dr. Templeman who lectured on the benefits of the mangosteen fruit one day at a conference we attended in San Diego. After the lecture Ann met with him and he told Ann that Stage 4 melanoma was a particularly bad cancer and If he were Scott I would be taking [Mangosteen Juice] and other supplements to help the body rid it self of this cancer. Of course we came back & suggested to Scott to be more aggressive with the Mangosteen Juice, stop smoking, & begin an exercise program.

In January Scott began drinking 1 bottle of [Mangosteen Juice] a week or more. He stopped the interferon treatments. Scott had a PET scan on Thursday March 18th 2004, and Ann and Scott met with the doctor on Friday for the results. The results were; Scott is cancer free! When the Doctor asked Scott what he attributed this to Scott remarked Mangosteen Juice !

Mangosteen juice and Malignant Melanoma -- Gary Beeman - Sun, 17 Oct 2004
My upline's son had stage four melanoma cancer. They put him on a pretty intense regimen of the mangosteen juice and tried to get at least half a bottle and a full bottle per day if possible into him, for the first 21 days. I'm not sure what the dosage went to after those first three weeks but 90 days later he was cancer free, and that was early this year (he still has a clean bill of health today).

Mangosteen, - Stomach, Colon, and Prostate Cancer -- Marshall Fallin & Mary Lou Johnson December 22, 2004
On July 18, 2004, we left Brooke Army Medical Center in despair. Marshall (73) had just been released after undergoing colon cancer surgery. He had cancer in his intestines, his stomach cavity lining, and his colon. He had also undergone treatments for prostate cancer. The Doctors at BAMC told him he only had 4 months to live, and maybe 5 months, if he took chemotherapy. He said to his doctor that he didn't want to take the chemo, and he didn't. We told our good friend Jim Cobb about this and he said he knew of something which might possibly help. At that point, Marshall could barely walk, was very weak, had no energy, was ashen gray, and literally looked like "a walking corpse." It was like he had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Marshall was also very depressed, and so was I. Jim took us to see his friend, Ed Johnson, and they told us all about the scientific research reports they had read about the "Garcinone E Xanthone" in the pericarp of the Mangosteen fruit, and had learned at a recent seminar. They spoke with a doctor who said there were no guarantees, or any claims that could be made, but he said that if he had these conditions, he would follow the doctor's advice, and also take a 25oz bottle of mangosteen extract a day for 21 days, along with a gallon of distilled water every day, and then go on 6oz a day of mangosteen and be re-tested. Marshall did just that. After the first 21 days, Marshall went to drinking 6oz a day (3oz in the am and 3oz in the pm), of the mangosteen juice, with lots of water. On Nov. 29, 2004, over four months after his diagnosis, Marshall had blood work done, & on Dec. 9, 04 a cat scan was done at Brook Army Medical Center. A few days later, the doctor met with Marshall and me, and said "it really looks good." That "there are just a few small spots left, with nothing life threatening." Marshall is now feeling and looking really good. He has his strength and his life back. We walk a mile a day and dance every Friday night. We are so thankful to God, and for Jim and Ed for introducing us to the Mangosteen Juice! This Christmas will be a Very Special Christmas for us, because last July, it definitely appeared that Marshall would not be alive this Christmas.

Mangosteen – Colon Cancer and Radiation -- Jerry Haanen. Anacortes, Washington Jan 15, 2005
My name is Gerald E. Haanen I live in Anacortes, Washington I am a 77 year old gentlemen who never smoked in his life time and drank alcohol very moderately. I have had comparatively good health all my life up until November 8th,2001 at which time I went to emergency. I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation which will continue for the rest of my life. On April 20th, 2004 I was operated on for malignant colon cancer and had a colostomy. Dr. S. Midwell, my surgeon said he removed 95% of the cancer and only 5% remained. That was left due to my not being physically able to endure 2 major surgeries at one time. I chose not to undertake radiation/chemotherapy treatment advised by my surgeon. I decided to go to the Hoxey Clinic (alternative medicine therapy) in Mexico. They put me on a strict vegetarian diet with a special herbal tonic and I improved rapidly. During all this time I had no pain. A couple weeks prior to Nov. 8th, 04 I began to have pain in my lower rectum area. I returned to my surgeon and he found another tumor the size of a walnut. Reluctantly, I began a 7 wk radiation program under the advice of my surgeon. The radiation made me sick and nauseated. I should mention that during the month of October everyone, including myself, thought my life was ending. I began to lose weight, and was in pain when I would go to my house of worship for services. I had to lay on a lounge chair I was too weak and in too much pain to sit.

Through the concern of a dear friend in December 2004, I reluctantly started Mangosteen Juice. I thought to myself, "another gimmick." At that time I was on 10 prescription drugs. I then started taking a Mangosteen juice regimen on December 4th, 2004. I was able to stop ALL my medications except Coumadin. I stopped - 1) Prochlorpreazine ; 2) Hydromorphone 3) Flomax ; 4) Digitex; 5) Furosemide ;6) Klor; 7) Diltiazem HCL; 8) Diazepam; 9) Atonally If this is not a record, I don't know what is! Freedom from so many prescribed drugs in 30 days made me feel 10 yrs younger. It was during the last three weeks of my radiation therapy, that I informed my radiation doctor that I was on the Mangosteen Juice. He advised me to discontinue it, which I chose NOT to follow through. I continued taking my 2 oz's of juice daily with meals along with radiation. My radiation treatments then ended Dec. 20, 04; at which time my doctor was unable to physically find any trace of cancer. I personally feel very positive it is all gone. Only time will tell. From the day I started taking Mangosteen I immediately started feeling better. Today I feel like I could run a 10 mile marathon. I can truthfully say I feel as strong & youthful as I was 10 -15 years ago. I can only speak for myself. Yvonne, my wife started taking Mangosteen about 3 ½ wks ago. She has much more energy now, and also has no more arthritis pain in her hands and fingers. The eczema she has had since childhood has completely cleared up. Every M.D. I have seen this past month cannot believe the changes in me. They say, "Jerry, we don't know what you're doing but keep it up!" It's unbelievable!

Lung cancer -- Lita
On May 2002, I was diagnosed with lung cancer (Adenocarcinoma). The tumor on my left lung was 5½ cm. in diameter, plus another 2 cm. engulfing my aorta. The thoracic surgeon informed my husband and I that surgery is not possible because of the location of the tumor. He said that just a prick of the needle to the aorta will be catastrophic. The radiologist also said that the fast reaction of the radiation will unplug the holes on the aorta due to highly possible invasion of the tumor on the walls of the artery. The oncologist suggested chemotherapy, if I want to take the big risk. She was concerned about the effect of the chemo on the aorta, which might cause internal bleeding. She was only giving me an option because of my age (I was just 48 years old then). She said that if I was older, she wouldn't even consider it. My oncologist presented the worst case scenario, that without the chemo, in 15-18 months it would be downhill for me. With chemo, in 3 months time, when the drug starts to take effect and the result is not good, it might be the end of me. After almost two weeks of deliberation with my family, I decided to have the chemotherapy and take my chance. I had the therapy for 5 months, and with positive results, the radiologist took over and gave me thirty days of radiation. I was in remission from Dec. 2002 to Dec. 2003. Unfortunately, there was a re-growth of about 2cm in the location. Again, I underwent a series of chemotherapy from January to April 2004. This time, the effect of the drug was too much to bear. I lost all my body hair, my finger and toe nails, my taste buds were gone and swallowing was so difficult. My oncologist decided to give me a two-week break. My husband and I took this opportunity to go to the Philippines to be with my loved ones. During this visit, my older sister placed a Jade mattress on my bed. After two days of using it, I was able to have a really good sleep. As a result, my sister insisted we take the mattress with us to Australia. Upon my homecoming, I was scheduled for another series of chemo with a different drug. However, with just one treatment, the tingling sensation I felt in my toes and legs returned. I explained my situation to my oncologist and she decided to stop the treatment altogether. The therapy was not helping me anymore, it had no effect on the tumor and it had potential to cause more damage to my organs. The doctor made an appointment for me to see a palliative care doctor which I cancelled.

I spoke with my Aunt from the States about the matter. Tess, begged me to try the Mangosteen juice. I was hesitant, but she sent me the first four-bottle batch of juice anyway. I agreed to start drinking the juice on June 17, as a birthday present. Three days upon drinking the juice, 90 mls ( 3 oz ) three times a day, the bloated feeling I had been subjected to during treatment had disappeared. I was able to carry out more activities around the home and before I realized it, I could continue walking and performing house chores for extended periods without feeling short of breath. The quality of my life had improved. I haven't taken any medicine/pain relievers since then. I had the progressive chest and abdomen scan on September 6. The next day upon seeing the oncologist, she commented on my healthy appearance. She read the results of the test, the conclusion stating: "Near complete resolution of the left pleural effusion. Otherwise stable features with no evidence of disease progression." She displayed the films to us, explaining "there is no evidence of cancer cells, only the scarring caused by radiation. Congratulations, you can now enjoy your life again! No more tests, just follow up in 3 months time." My faith in God kept me going.

Chemotherapy and Breast cancer -- Elizabeth Church - 15 Aug 2004
Yes i do know of a lady who is taking chemo and she takes 9 ozs. of mangosteen juice per day . She has seen her CA125 lowered by 600 points this month . She was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of this year and she is doing great on the juice !!

Cancer, Severe Cancer Pain, Diabetes -- Willett A. C.
My son in law had share with my wife and I a new product he was very excited about. Now mind you, when he gets excited about a product we listen because he knows what he is doing when it comes to supplements and nutrition. I will start with my wife first. She has lymphoma and has been experiencing a lot of pain in her back. We know that the pain was coming from her lungs, due to the fact that they continue to fill with fluid. Two days before Thanksgiving we took her to the emergency room because she could not breath and the pain was excruciating. They did a scan and told her it was not fluid however it could be that the cancer is getting worse, a pulled muscle or another tumor putting pressure on the lung. Needless to say, they did nothing for her and told her she would have to see what the results of the scan was on Monday.

My son in law gave her a bottle of [mangosteen juice] and told her to drink 2 oz a day. She started Thanksgiving Day. By Saturday she had absolutely no more pain. Today she is out and about, went to breakfast with me and is feel great. I just had to sit down and share my excitement with you and your team. (UPDATE: Two weeks and off all pain medication, great energy, color is good, and doing a lot of shopping and preparation for the holidays which I wasn't even sure I would see a few months ago.) I am a diabetic, take blood pressure medicines and I am 68 years old. I noticed hair was coming back in places that I have not had hair in years. Because of my diabetes I have lost hair on my chest and my legs. I also have a toe that has had a fungus on it for years. Today, the toe looks great & I have peach fuzz hair returning on the bald spots. Because of my medication and diabetes I have not been able to have an erection for several years, this morning I woke up with an erection! This product is totally blowing our minds! I know my son in law knows what he is talking about however; I could not imagine a product that taste great could actually help in so many areas of our health. When he told me all of the benefits of the product I must say it sounded to good to be true. However, today you have made me a complete believer. (UPDATE: Two weeks have passed and I can make a tight fist, enjoy making love with my wife, my blood sugar is staying incontrol, I am walking much greater distances, and I am even considering becoming a distributor because all of our freinds are buying [mangosteen juice] now.) I want to thank you all for sharing this product with my wife and me! We feel great and the only thing different we have done is added [mangosteen juice] to our diets! It taste great and we feel awesome!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Gift to My Mom

I have some good news to share. My mother and my sister who have been suffering from migraine and headache for years, after taking Xango mangosteen juice for 1 month plus, their health problems went away. Last month, my mother was asking me to look for her any healthcare product that could heal her from the migraine, at that time she was already starting to take Xango mangosteen juice. I didn't assume that Xango mangosteen juice could help her on that so I agree to help her find something but didn't manage to find anything that is proven to be able to cure migraine. Recently, my mother happily told me that her migraine has gone away, normally if she goes out under hot sun even just for a short trip, she will suffer from migraine for that whole day. But during recent ChingMing (Chinese season to clean the graves and pray for the late relatives), where she had to stay under the hot sun for a few hours a few times in a week, but surprisingly she was just fine, no suffering of headaches and she could sleep well. This is the most rewarding thing for me, I'm so happy that a little gift (mangosteen juice) to my mom turns out to be such a huge benefit for us.

While for my sister, she is still young, only 23 years old, currently studying medicine in KL, our family's 1st and proud future doctor, who has been complaining about her headache as well, we were so worried. She is fussy and lazy too, it's difficult to get her to take anything with lousy taste or hard to prepare. Xango mangosteen juice just fits nice for her, tasty and no preparation needed. She is always scolded by my mother for pouring Xango mangosteen juice straight in to her mouth from the bottle as she is too lazy to get a spoon or a cup. She told us that her headaches have gone away as well, it's really a huge relieve for us. Now she is free from headache and can focus on her study well. More about migraine at and The National Headache Foundation.

My father, a diabetes patient since his 30+, his is now 60 years old. He had to went thru a heart bypass surgery due to the bad implication from diabetes. He has been denying Xango mangosteen juice, he was so not-convinced that he asked his doctor (our family doctor) about mangosteen juice and guess what? The doctor himself is also taking Xango mangosteen juice and strongly recommend my father to take it too. Besides, after seeing the good results on my mother and my sister, he is now very convinced and willing to take Xango mangosteen juice. Hopefully we will see more good results on my father too.

I'm a very practical and data driven person, I need to see it for myself its real results before I could confidently tell others to try it out too. I'm very convinced now and I hope the sharing of the benefits of mangosteen juice will benefit everyone too.

What is a migraine headache?
A migraine headache is a severe pain felt on one, and sometimes, both sides of the head. The pain is mostly in the front around the temples or behind one eye or ear. Besides pain, you may have nausea and vomiting, and be very sensitive to light and sound. Migraine can occur any time of the day, though it often starts in the morning. The pain can last a few hours or up to one or two days.

Sharing of Experiences from Those Who Have Suffered from Migraine
*Testimonials listed below are for sharing purposes only. Personal experiences are not meant for treating or diagnosing illness.

3/12/2008 -- Randy from Ohio
I am 30 years old. I had high blood pressure from 2004 until January of this year when I was taken off of my medication. I started drinking mangosteen juice in July of '07, that is the only difference. My blood pressure before meds was 145/95, borderline high. On the medication my blood pressure was 125/80, so good, but not too much lower. For two consecutive Dr.'s appointments my blood pressure has been great, 110/70 and 102/70 so...the Dr. decided to take me off of my medication. I have also been able to get off of the cholesterol medication I was taking. I was also diagnosed with diverticulitis back on June 28, 2007. After a long painful day and an evening in the ER, 3 doctors diagnosed my condition. I was sent to see a Gastroenterologist to see what kind of treatment I was going to have to receive. The Dr. informed me that some forms of colon cancer look like diverticulitis on a CT scan, so he recommended a colonoscopy. On July 2, I received my first case of mangosteen juice. I drank my juice, 3 ounces a day faithfully until the day of my colonoscopy. After the procedure, the Dr. came out to tell me the results, he looked confused, he asked me why we did the procedure, I had no diverticulitis, polyps or anything, I was completely clean. What a relief. And I have more...I was a wreck for 30! I also had a sports injury that ended my college football career in 1996. The injury I had was in my left hip, as I ran, my leg would just die, I would be dragging it. I dealt with the pain for 11 years before I found mangosteen juice! I also had a few concussions during my football career, which I believe was the root of the migraine headaches that I would get occasionally, I have not had a headache since the first day I started drinking this wonderful juice. I have also found great relief from my allergies, I have cut out drinking coffee and energy drinks throughout the day, I sleep so much better, and the list goes on and on. I don't know what I would have done if I did not find mangosteen juice. It has changed my life and I am so grateful. I will not go a day as long as I live without my mangosteen juice.

1/14/2008 -- Kelly from California
In 1998, after living a very healthy and active life, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It seemed like it happened in an instant: headaches, blurred vision, double vision, vertigo, facial drooping, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, and soon blindness in my left eye. Would I ever get my life back? I really didn't think I would. One of the worst things about going through it all was that I started getting horrible migraines. migraines that would send me to the ER over and over again and completely debilitate me. Trying every avenue in western medicine without success,I faced another surgery and was given a bottle of this magnificent juice. After three days I surprisingly started feeling a change in my body. Since starting this juice, I have not had one migraine, nor have I ingested one migraine pill, pain pill, or prophylactic pill. I am also off the steroids, thyroid replacements, and antihistamines. I avoided another surgery, and even decided to test my body and started eating chocolate again. I still remain migraine free. Not only has Mangosteen juice improved my life -- it has given me life!!!!

9/23/2007 -- Mercy
I used to have Urinary tract infection almost every month and my doctor said this is because I have chronic bacterial infection. He put me on antibiotic 3x but it did not clear. The antibiotic messed up my digestive system and I started having acid reflux. I also had lower back pain, leg cramps every night and bec. I'm menopausal, I also had hot flashes and insomnia. That's when I decided to try mangosteen bec. I read from some books that it has anti bacterial properties and that it may also balance my hormones. After a week of drinking 2 ounces 3x a day, my lower back pain and leg cramps disappeared and after a month, I was sleeping like a baby. My husband is very skeptic but I was also adding the mangosteen on his protein shake. After 3 weeks, he told me that he doesn't get a headache anymore. Friends that I have told about the juice and started drinking, most of their symptoms like migraine, gout, insomnia, acid reflux have disappeared. I've been drinking the juice for 10 months and I haven't had 1 UTI.

8/20/2007 -- Trevor& Christa from Nebraska
Our two sons, ages 6 & 7, have had allergies ever since we have moved from the Carolinas to the Nebraska. They used to take a half a tablet of Claritin every day in the morning to help with their symptoms. Since they have been drinking one ounce of the “Mangosteen Juice” they haven’t had to take any Claritin for allergies. Also my wife's migraines have diminished since she has been drinking the Mangosteen Juice. As for myself, I am self employed with a crazy work schedule so my hours are always all over the board. I could never get a good nights rest because I would wake up several times a night. No more, I sleep through the night now thanks to this great Mangosteen Juice. I also tore the Cartilage in my left knee playing basketball 5 months ago. I was in some serious pain but I never had any inflation. When I went to see the Doctor the next day he couldn't believe there wasn't any swelling. I took a train ride to Chicago the day after my injury with my Mangosteen Juice bottle in hand. I was walking on my knee with in 24 hours and now I am back to playing basketball. Thank GOD for the Queen of Fruits, "the Mangosteen".

6/24/2007 -- Darryl from Indiana
My wife suffers from migraine headaches for years and one week on mangosteen juice she has had several days with no headaches. She has experienced many days with just low grade headaches and not the full blown migraines. This is a God send for her. She has increased energy and her blood pressure has dropped to 116/50 from the 160 mark it was just a few months ago. Wow.

6/14/2007 -- Mary from Nebraska
In December of 2006 I had recently started getting shots for migraines and was really scared I was headed down the same path my younger sister has been on for the last 19 years. So, I decided to try the Mangosteen juice I had been sent information on. I have arthritis in my neck and I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Within 2 weeks I notice a difference in my neck and I have not had a head ache since. My IBS is under control. My whole family is on Mangosteen juice and I am telling everyone I know about Mangosteen juice

5/12/2007 -- Jao from Florida
My wife has had migraines for a few years and when she took the Mangosteen Juice, a few days later she was okay. She drinks Mangosteen Juice everyday and her migraines have gone away. My oldest child woke me up at 1:00am on May 12, 2007 and showed me her back, which was covered with rashes. We went downstairs and I rubbed some Mangosteen Juice on her back. The next day, the itch and rash was all gone. During that night she got a high body temperature. She asked for Mangosteen Juice and I gave her some. Before the day ended, she was at her normal body temperature. Mangosteen Juice really helps. The whole family takes the juice.

1/9/2007 -- Cheryl from Florida
I have suffered with migraines for over 20 years. Having discovered mangosteen juice 2 and 1/2 years ago I no longer suffer from them. I just drink 4 ounces a day.

11/22/2006 -- Dustin from Wisconsin
After taking 4 ounces of mangosteen juice a day for 1 month I stopped having panic attacks and depression. That was over two years ago. My wife also stopped having migraine headaches. I love this stuff!

10/30/2006 -- Valerie from Hawaii
I've had migraines for 30 years and since menopause have had headaches over half the month and sometimes more often than that. I have tried everything: accupunture, massage, feverfew, tylenol, and then finally heavy duty drugs like Imitrex and Fiorinol. I was also taking Atenolol daily to help prevent them, but they continued. I was depressed, angry and hurting most of the time. I felt so blessed when I'd have a good day without a headache. When I did have one Imitrex didn't always work and even if it did, the drug made me feel sick and listless. When I took a couple ounces of mangosteen juice, I was convinced it wouldn't do a thing, but boy was I wrong. I didn't have a migraine for two weeks! That had never happened. I was blown away and now I take about 4-6 ounces everyday. If I forget or take too little, I might get a headache but they are very mild now. I feel like I am living in a new body.

5/29/2006 -- Jamie from Canada
migraines, vertigo, fibromyalgia, unexplained and undiagnosed chest pains, menopausal symptoms and hiatus hernia - All of the symptoms of these troubles have completely disappeared in my life. I haven’t had a migraine in over 4 months - My fibro pain is under control, chest pains disappeared and I no longer suffer from the hiatus hernia...This juice has changed my life so drastically. I went from taking 5-6 different medications to NOTHING. My husband's 20+ year battle with eczema on his torso and limbs has disapeared after applying it directly on his skin as well as drinking it.

4/28/2006 -- Sue from Colorado
My husband and I have been drinking the mangosteen juice for six months now. I have seen my cholesterol drop 93 points! I also have lower thyroid and blood pressure counts. Those medications have been cut in half and I hope to one day be completely off of them. I had been having almost daily headaches, just about every kind, including migraine, and had been on different medications for several years. Now I very rarely have a (mild) headache, but take no medication for it. I have also quit my sinus and allergy medications, as well as the daily 600 mg Ibuprofen I had been taking for years for my arthritis. The eczema I've had on my right leg for over two years,(red, itching lesions), is clearing up, as is the toe nail fungus, and I've noticed improvement in my varicose veins. My husband took Claritin for sinus problems and also another allergy medication for over four years and it was getting to where they weren't helping him very much. In less than one month he quit both medications! Also, his dizziness is gone. Now he can breathe easier, his nasal passages stay clear and he feels much better. Before starting on the mangosteen juice, he was taking 600 mg Ibuprofen daily for arthritis pain. Now he rarely ever takes one. His cholesterol and thyroid numbers have dropped and he has more energy.

4/23/2006 -- Lora from California
I have fibromyalgia but I can’t tell it now. I was at a point in 2005 where I could barely move off the couch. I had chronic fatigue, my muscles burned, I had migraines daily, swollen hands an feet, insomnia so I couldn’t rest for more than and hour and a half. I also had painful IBS and UTI’s and lived on 12 different medications. I began the juice one afternoon and within ½ hour my 4 day old migraine had disappeared and has never come back. When I woke up the next morning for the 1st time in months my back didn’t hurt and my hands were not swollen. When I stood up my feet didn’t hurt with the stabbing needles that had been there before. The inflammation had begun to disappear. I began sleeping through the night and got an amazing amount of energy as well. I had been dehydrated and cold all the time. Now my skin has changed and my body temp is back to normal. I can mow my own lawn again and run up the steps.

2/8/2006 -- Shawna from Oregon
I am 29 years old and before taking mangosteen juice I felt like I wanted it mostly for preventitive purposes but I had some minor health problems. I suffered from low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) with severe migraines at times, I also had some severe knee pain and after having a baby was in March I became very overweight. I started taking mangosteen juice the beginning of December 2005. At first I did not notice any major changes, but within two weeks, I began to notice an increase in my energy level. I also started to realize that my blood sugar was level and I didn't have any headaches since using the juice. Also my knee pain which had prevented me from being able to kneel down at all was now totally gone! Best of all, I stood on a scale at Christmas and was so surprised, I had lost ten whole pounds since taking the juice and was fitting back into my old jeans! I believe in the health benefits of mangosteen juice and will not be without it.

11/21/2005 -- Margaret from Texas
I have been drinking 2 ounces twice a day for 2 months. The first 2 weeks I noticed increased stamina and endurance with my exercise regimen. I am no longer experiencing joint pain with mobility. I also have the classic migraine headache which are brought on by some kind of sudden or sustained stress. About a week ago, I experienced a migraine. It started with the classic visual disturbance/wavy line. Once the vision cleared then a severe headache and nausea began. I usually take about 800mg Ibuprofen when the it first start in order to continue functioning. Since starting mangosteen juice I no longer take OTC meds or vitamins. So when I got home I immediately took 2 ounces. Within about 30 minutes the migraine had subsided and I was able to eat something and watch TV. I stayed up for another couple of hours and went to bed. When I awakened the next morning I had no residual effect from the migraine. I was amazed.

8/30/2005 -- Dave from Tennessee
I have been using mangosteen juice now for 4 weeks now and I don't get migraine headaches like I did before. My wife suffers from chronic sinus headaches and is using over the counter meds only once or twice a week now. All we do is drink 2 oz's a day

-- Edwin from California
I was hospitalized with Leukemia July 3, 2003 for 10 days and received 8 pints of blood. The doctor told me that I was 2 to 4 weeks from being dead. I had lost 80 % of my red blood cell count. I also told him that I went through the chemotherapy and did not want to go through that again. I told him that because of my immune system being messed up my Hepatitis C activated. The treatment for Hepatitis C is a shot of Inter Ferrion once a week and a chemo pill every day. The shot costs $160 per shot. That would have lasted for 48 weeks. I did not want to do that. I looked for alternatives. Dr. DeGuzman instructed me to take 2 ounces 3 times a day. I started taking mangosteen juice on May 1, 2004. I had 4 lesions in my spleen and 3 lesions in my liver. The lesions were from the Leukemia. I also had 2 nodules under my right armpit and 1 under my left armpit. The side affects of Hepatitis C is that I it felt like I had the flu 24 hours a day. All of my joints ached, I had a fever all the time, my eyes always felt hot, I would have at least two migraines a week and I always had this feeling that I had a cotton ball in my ear .I also had a viral load count of 270,000. I had no energy. I was always asleep by 9pm. I took 2,500mg of Tylenol just to try to feel better. Of course I did not think about the side affects of the Tylenol. After two weeks of taking mangosteen juice all my symptoms were gone. My energy level was back to how I felt 3 years ago. On May 14th I went for a CAT scan and blood test. I am pleased to say that the nodules that were under my armpits are gone. All 4 lesions in my spleen were gone. There is only one lesion remaining in my liver. My viral load count has gone down to 140,000.

-- Brett
I used to get three to four severe migraines a month. I've been getting these since I was around 10 years old. These were the full-blown aura and vomit inducing kind. Some would last for days. I've been to many doctors and nobody has a definite answer to it. The only answer that all of them had has been to prescribe some medication and that was that. I have grown up watching my mother suffer from these same migraines. She is frequently in the hospital emergency room or self-inducing Imitrex shots. I decided a long time ago that I would not take medications. They are not the solution. Two months ago I was told about a product called Mangosteen Juice. Ever since then I NOR my mother have had a single episode.

-- S.
I have suffered with migraines most of my life and since I have such extreme adverse reactions to all medications this has been a challenge for me. I had been told Mangosteen Juice would help migraines and I thought this could be a good test for me. I immediately took 1 to 2 ounces of the juice and within 15 minutes the pain was completely gone. Also, to my surprise the nausea feeling, which usually lingers for a day or so, was gone as well. As the day progressed I had a high level of energy, which I never have had before with a migraine. I am usually wiped out for a few days even after I get control of the pain. What a thrill this is to me. I am excited to know I have found something natural and healthy with no adverse side effects that I feel will eliminate my migraines!

-- Cheryl from South Carolina
Hello! I ordered my first bottle one week ago and noticed a difference in my energy level within an hour after my first 3 ounces. It not only tasted great but I had energy to spare! In the past I have suffered migraine headaches that often lasted 2 days. This morning I awoke with the familiar shoulder and neck pain that always results one of these for me. So I filled a 3 oz juice glass and drank it about 15 min before my breakfast. Within the hour my shoulder and neck pain were completely gone! I have NO headache!

-- Kelly
In 1998 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. From that day on, life became extremely difficult. I became a walking pharmacy -- taking pills to help with symptoms, other pills to help with the others side effects, numerous pain pills of different strengths and types, hormone replacement, and several steroids. Would I ever get my life back? I really didn't think I would. One of the worst things about going through the surgery and treatment was that I started getting horrible migraines. migraines that would send me to the ER over and over again ... migraines that would leave me feeling like life wasn't worth living anymore. Over the years I had to give up certain things in my life in order to wishfully avoid migraines. I couldn't eat chocolate, sleep too much or too little, prayed heavily before my menstrual cycle, etc. Life wasn't fun because I always wondered when the next migraine would hit. They got better over time .. but never went far enough away. They became a part of who I was. I had tried every avenue in current treatment without success. I later was placed into a clinical trial as a guinea pig. Sadly, I was kicked out because I suffered too many migraines. I felt such defeat! I started Mangosteen Juice on Feb 24th, 2005. Since starting Mangosteen Juice I have not had one migraine. I have not ingested one migraine pill, one pain pill; I am off the steroids and preventative pills. I even decided to test my body and started eating chocolate again. I still remain migraine free. I take 2 ounces of Mangosteen Juice in the morning and 2 ounces routinely in the evening. If I start feeling a little yucky, I will take another ounce mid day. My body tells me when I am taking enough or need more.

-- Mary from Georgia
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease three years ago. Prior to that the only health problem that I had was migraine headaches. In the fall of 2001, my condition became much worse. I was unable to sleep more than an hour at a time and was up and down all night. I awoke each morning extremely stiff throughout my complete body. I would run hot water over my hands until I was able to actually turn the shower on to take a hot shower massage or take a hot bath. I tried everything that I could think of and anything that anyone suggested. Finally in Oct, my doctors put me on disability from work because I could not stand up straight or walk without holding onto a wall or rail. Additional medicines were added. I was now taking 13 medicines and not getting very much relief. I was taking anti-inflammatories, 2 different anti-depressants, medicine for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, muscle relaxants, 3 different pain medications, medicine to put and keep me asleep at night and 2 different inhalers for the COPD plus migraine medicines and finally medicine to overcome the stomach problems all the other medications had caused. I thought my life, as I had always known it was over. I decided that I had to find a way to "become" myself again. Then afriend of mine sent me a bottle of mangosteen juice. After 1 month on mangosteen juice, I'm no longer taking any prescribed medication. I am pain free, my depression is gone. I sleep all night every night instead of fighting to fall asleep and waking constantly all night and I have so much energy!

-- Sandi from Arizona
26 years ago I launched a medical & surgical supply business in one of my husband's five pharmacies. Ironically, that began migraine headaches that got worse as I got older. They were consistently lasting 3 days out of every 10-12.I tried every new drug that could be prescribed, Xert, Immitrex. Fiorinal with codeine just to name a few. In Nov of 2002, I began taking this magical botanical juice that contains the entire husk pureed of Mangosteen. And over a period of about 3 months, I noticed that my headaches were becoming less frequent and less intense. Valentines day was my 1 yr anniversary with no drugs and no migraines after 25 yrs of suffering!. Just think, if this mangosteen botanical can help only 50% of people who are in pain, what a difference this can make in people's quality of life. In addition, my physician had me tested for risk of stroke and/or heart attack due to my father dying at the age of 63 with a heart attack and my C-REATIVE PROTEIN score (new biomarker) was a 7.1. The highest my physician said she had anyone of her patients ever score (obviously not a good thing!). In February, when I returned for my yearly check-up, not only were my migraines gone, but also my lab results with my C-Reactive Protein score was DOWN TO a 0.3! Now that's undisputable, scientific proof that the Xanthones in Mangosteen did what most other course of treatment would not accomplish.

-- Jennifer
My daughter, Kayla, who is 11 years old, has suffered from severe migraines since she was 3 years old. She complained daily of pain, often came home from school in tears, and was unable to focus on school work. Every night we would go through the same ritual of head massages, ice packs, and whatever pain killer she was on at the time. Nothing ever worked! I have taken her to many doctors and specialists but nothing they have done or prescribed has helped her. After just 2 weeks of mangosteen juice, there were remarkable improvements. Kayla’s headaches were almost completely gone and she was sleeping through the night. Kayla is now doing very well in school, staying focused and she is no longer tired during the day.

Warmest regards,

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Miracle Mangosteen Juice

I know an old uncle (Uncle Leong, age 70+), he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2nd state, but fully recovered after 6 months of drinking Xango mangosteen juice. He was a monk but had to resume secular life due to his sickness, now he is sharing his story and experience with others hoping to help others to improve their life too.

Looks like mangosteen is medically proven to have the strong ability to boost our immune system and many other benefits included as well, see links below for research done on mangosteen.

After meeting with Uncle Leong in person, I feel that I have the obligation to share this with everyone I know, hoping that if truly there is someone that is in desperate to save life, this might be their last hope. My cousin brother (aged 40+) passed away 6 months ago due to bone cancer, my sister’s classmate (only aged 20+) died due to leukemia, I wish I knew about this when they were still around, I regret that they didn’t get this last chance. More about leukimia at The Luekemia & Lymphoma Society and Leukemia Homepage.

Many know prevention is better than cure, but how many of us are practicing it today? Everyone knows maintaining healthy life style is the ultimate solution to healthy life, but how many are discipline enough to control our diet and work out (exercise)? Mangosteen might not be the only answer, but I think it’s the easiest and laziest way for us to do at least one thing good for our body and for our loved ones too.

If you are interested to know more about mangosteen juice and where to get it, please get in touch with me or visit for further information.

May you and your family are healthy and happy. Take care.

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